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The Bible, a sacred treasure includes many short verses that promote inspiration and encouragement. These verses are great for memorization and can work in extraordinary ways to transform the lives of those seeking God. Short Bible Verses lend themselves to sharing the Word of God on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Introduce the following scriptures to your children and see how fast thy memorize and learn a life without sin.

Short bible verses which are perfect if you are trying to memorize scripture. If you begin to practice memorizing at least one of these each day and say it for the whole week within a few short months you will know a lot of bible verses.

Even though our phones serve up every word of Scripture in multiple translations, memorizing the Bible still has tremendous value for adults and kids. Think of the Bible passages we memorize as the Holy Spirit’s vocabulary. When He wants to bring comfort or direction, His native tongue is the Bible.

Want to learn the Bible?. Short Verses are a great place to start. Especially for kids memorization and sharing via social media.Must Read, and Receive Our Blessings in Our Life. And share these Verses throughout the day to remember God’s Glory.

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