Fighting Against Anger || Ecclesiastes 7:9 (ESV) || Short Bible Verses

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Ecclesiastes 7:9 (ESV) tells us “Be not quick in your spirit to become angry, for anger lodges in the heart of fools.”

Ever had someone do something to you and really make you angry I mean really mad well it’s their fault do you see what they did to me did you hear what she said.

In Ecclesiastes seven verse nine it talks about anger and how destructive it is it’ll make you kick a hole in a wall the something really horrible to a loved one or a friend or family member it’ll separate people end it doesn’t feel good when the dust settles and you see the destruction left in its wake you can see quite clearly how anger does not produce the righteousness of God let’s face it it’s easy to be angry.

But anger is rooted in pain. Maybe somewhere back in your path and you held on to it well I think the lord would say to you right now are you ready to let it go for his path is the path of peace. Only bother lord sometimes we react with anger like when Moses struck the rock it was his anger they got in the way.

Lord help me to not have that resentment whatever that pain is from way back that you would begin to shine your light upon it I admit that sometimes I allow anger to rise up and take over but we know that your word tells us that anger dwells in the hearts of pools and exalt flip for everyone to see lord god I don’t want to be that I want to be your child your disciple on your path to follow you and all that I think they in that I do but it is only by your strength that I can let go of that anger within me I know that it only leads to evil but it’s hard lord whenever it starts to rise up in me.

Father be there to help me quench it give me your strength for that I will be slow to anger Phil I can practice self-control lord I can’t do it on my own. Only by your strength in Jesus’ name. Amen.