How Can You Love Others Better? || Romans 13:10 || Short Bible Verses

Romans 13:10 (CEV) tells us that “No one who loves others will harm them. So love is all that the Law demands.”

The passage mentions that the end goal of all of God’s laws is to show love. His love of us. Our love towards Him. And our love towards others. But it can be hard can’t it? Do you sometimes struggle with showing love? Not everyone is so easy to love.

The church today can learn a lot from the early church in Rome two thousand years ago the Roman leadership were troubled by the growth of the early church they were concerned about its growing power and influence they assumed early Christians would revolt against the government so they put sanctions on them Paul’s response in his letter to the church in Rome. Love your neighbour love them all. I told you we can learn a lot from the early church.

Join me in prayer from Romans thirteen and how we should treat others. Dear loving merciful and gracious god. We don’t deserve your love we deserve your wrath but by your grace and mercy, you show us the love we don’t deserve. So lord give me the strength to love others the same way regardless of the actions thoughts and deeds of those around me give me the strength to show others the same grace and love you’ve shown me. All of your law can be summed up in this. I love other people as well as I love myself. I can’t go wrong when I love others. Lord let the sum total of my life reflect that love and love in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.

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