The Freedom of Forgiveness || Ephesians 1:7 (ESV) || Short Bible Verses

Ephesians 1:7 (ESV) tells us that β€œIn him, we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace.”

Have you ever embraced the forgiveness that Jesus offers as if you’re receiving life and freedom? It was the nineteenth-century minister George Macdonald that once penned forgiveness is the giving and so the receiving of life. Often in our struggle with the flash, we can feel like god’s love for us is limited we may even feel like he’s removed his grace from us altogether.

But let us never forget that our redemption from sin and shame comes only through the finished work of Christ on the cross it’s according to the wealth of his grace that was forgiven. There are freedom and forgiveness do you really believe that today. You’ve been redeemed by the blood of the lamb. I encourage you to rest securely in his forgiveness as you receive it and walk in the freedom for which Christ has set you free. God longs for you to experience the freedom of his forgiveness. When you allow the richness of that truth to wash over you today. Leaning into his offering of grace and redemption as you will out everything else to fade away.

Let’s pray together. Gracious God thank you for redeeming my life. I don’t deserve your unmerited grace but thankfully receive it today. Please help me to understand the freedom I have in your forgiveness the freedom to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am redeemed by your blood. Show me, Lord, how to forgive others and how to love them with your great love. And it’s in your precious son’s names that I pray amen.

Remain here for a few moments longer if you can and commune with your god. Receive his grace and his mercy over your life. Continue in the freedom of forgiveness by spending time with the Lord in prayer and in the study of his word. Each and every day his mercies are new his love never fails and there is freedom and his forgiveness as we rested a bite in Christ.

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