What do you thank God for? |1 Chronicles 29:13 (ESV) |Short Bible Verses

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1 Chronicles 29:13 (ESV) tells us that – And now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name.

Join me in prayer today from first chronicles twenty-nine. Where it says the line old lord is the greatness and the power and the glory. And the victory and the majesty. Forever. This phrase. Has been a popular doxology for thousands of years choose frequently used this doxology as to include prayers at the time of our lord it’s a reminder.

That he is the fountain and centre of. Everything that is bright. And blast. He has an unquestionable title to. Everything we see. Hear. Taste thanks and do. His Is greatness is greatness. It is men’s and. Incomprehensible. And All others our little. Are nothing. In a comparison of him. Is power. And it is almighty an. Irresistible. Power belongs to him. And all the power of all the creatures is derived from him. And depends upon him.

Join me in prayer. About his glory and greatness. Dear holy and righteous god. I thank you. Our god. And praise yours. Glorious name yours is the glory your glory is all yours. And it is the beginning and the end. Of the whole creation, all of the glory I give you with my heart lips and life Comes. Infinitely short of what is your do. Yours is the victory. You transcend and surpassed. All and are able to conquer and subdue all things your victories are. Incontestable and Uncontrollable. You have sovereign dominion. And are the rightful owner and possessor of all things. All that is In the heavens and in the. Earth is yours and at your disposal by the indisputable right of creation. And As supreme ruler and commander of all thine old lord is the greatness and the power and the glory. And The victory And the majesty Forever. Amen.